Get on the bus and defy inequality

I am packing up my desk today to get ready to fly to Charlotte for the ABA conference. No- not American Bar Association and …nope -not American Banking Association. I am on my way to the American Bus Association conference! It sounds strange but our membership has been instrumental in booking hundreds of thousands of group tickets each year. We love those motor coaches at Broadway In Chicago. They come from all over North America to see Broadway In Chicago shows. (And if you have ever driven by one of our theatres when a show is letting out you know I am telling the truth). It is a great opportunity to do advance bookings for JERSEY BOYS, XANADU, MARY POPPINS and all the new shows like the pre-Broadway, THE ADDAMS FAMILY. I will have a blast talking to tour operators and selling, selling, selling but I just realized I am going to miss an amazing show.

Just my luck that cast members from WICKED, JERSEY BOYS, GREASE and THE SECOND CITY are all getting together to do special benefit cabaret performance at the PARK WEST this Monday at 8pm. That will be a lot of talent all in one room! They are calling the event DEFYING INEQUALITY which plays on WICKED’s theme of not judging people on first impressions and will benefit several organizations around the country that support equality for all. Tickets are $30 and $50. Anyone who is interested in attending, or if you want more information, should click here or go to or call 312-902-1212.


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2 responses to “Get on the bus and defy inequality

  1. Elly

    The Grease cast, is that the “tour” cast or the cast from Broadway?????

  2. broadwayinchicago

    Elly: The touring cast is in town, which is great. Hope you get to come out and see them. Enjoy the show!

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