oh, what a night!

Ten degrees for almost two hours, following WICKED’s final performance after 3 ½ years in Chicago with 500 of WICKED’s closest friends. Frostbite, anyone?I knew we would have more interest in Stage Door than the handful of patrons coming to congratulate the actors for another inspiring performance. So, we prepared with a few additional hands on deck for this last night in James M Nederlander Way.

WICKED Final Stage Door

WICKED Final Stage Door

People from all over the world had made their destination Chicago for the last night at stage door with the cast. I have to say that this was not the regular crowd of FANS. I was impressed that everyone in this group could stand the freezing cold for so long without getting out of control or the couple of trouble makers that usually cause problems. Even they got bored waiting for the witches to make an appearance, so they started asking for pictures with me and an autograph too. Who am I to deny someone a picture with me?

WICKED final stage door

WICKED final stage door

The cleaners needed to get all of the costumes out and they waited as long as they cared to before we all decided this crowd could handle it and might like to see them up close. The costumes came out and the sea parted to let the crew get to the van. Too easy, and thank you to everyone! Love you guys!

As the last few weeks of WICKED were coming to an end there was an outpouring of emotion from many people in many departments as everyone prepared to move out of their three-year home. As busy as I had been preparing for WICKED’s closing and all of the Openings in our near future I had not really considered The Oriental Theatre without WICKED. It had been so long now and here we were in the alley saying good bye. Working Stage Door in the bitter cold was the perfect goodbye from me to WICKED…onto the next show we go!

Have to thank Erin, Nicole, Nick, and Dan for freezing with me and 500 of WICKED’s best!

-Michael, Director of Front of House Operations


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