new york, new york (and chicago)

Joan Marcus

Who Loves You? (l-r) Drew Gehling, Cory Grant, Bryan McElroy and Michael Ingersoll with the Company of Jersey Boys. Photo: Joan Marcus

I am headed to New York today. I will be in meetings tomorrow for JERSEY BOYS! We look forward to these meetings as the producers so love the Chicago Company and always want to do whatever they can to make JERSEY BOYS the success that it is in Chicago. And then later in the week, we are having meetings at the New York Nederlander offices to plan for future shows. We will be meeting with many of the producers of the upcoming shows and then also looking at what shows are coming up for us in the future. Perhaps out of my meetings this week , I will have some interesting news to report in next week’s blog post.

I will be seeing shows while in New York – two Tony Award winners – IN THE HEIGHTS and THE 39 STEPS. Not to worry I will be back in time for the opening of CHICAGO! Love that show, after all it is our namesake musical.

Okay, here is a treat: Tell us what Chicago suburb is named in one of the songs in CHICAGO, and you could win my two seats to our opening night on Thursday, February 26 @ 7:30 pm. You have to answer (correctly!) by Thursday, February 19. Then we’ll select the winner (yeah, random number generator).

See you in the theatre!

EDIT: To answer the question, just leave it in the comments. Comments are not published right away, so be patient!


SECOND EDIT: WINNER IS EDUARDO MANIERO! Congrats! Someone will be emailing you with info on how to pick up your tickets. Enjoy!


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69 responses to “new york, new york (and chicago)

  1. Ally

    where do we submit our answers for the chicago tickets?

  2. David

    How do we submit our response?

  3. Ken O

    The answe is Cicero.

  4. Stacey O'Brien


  5. Amanda

    The answer is Cicero! It is mentioned in the Cell Block Tango.

  6. August J Malecha

    Cicero is named.

  7. broadwayinchicago

    You just need to leave it in the comments!

  8. Stacey O'Brien

    Haha well if you don’t know the answer, just copy what we all said! I guess I was having trouble leaving my comment because everyone was trying at once!

  9. Ally

    chicago answer: cicero

  10. Jeff in Chicago

    Cicero, of course.

  11. David

    Pop, Six, Squish, Uh-uh, CICERO!, Lipschitz!

    Cicero is the CHicago suburb mentioned in Chicago.

  12. Andrew Macaluso

    Cicero, Velma says it during Cell Block Tango.

  13. Julie Rowland


  14. slh

    T’is Cicero!

  15. To answer your question about the Chicago suburb named in one of the songs in CHICAGO:
    In the Cell Block Tango, Velma Kelly says:
    One two three four five, splits, spread eagles, flip flops, back flips, one right after the other. Well, this one night we were in Cicero.
    So, the answer is Cicero. Cicero is considered a Western Chicago suburb.
    Hope to see you opening night!
    Abigail Bock

  16. Vince LiFonti


  17. Jon Dean

    That would be Cicero!

  18. nicole price

    Cicero! Lol. Yeah, like they said, all those people before me!

    LOVE the show!!

  19. David Shum

    The answer is Cicero. It is mentioned in the Cell Block Tango.

  20. Andrea Schwemin

    The suburb mentioned in the song is Cicero!

  21. jacquie Blair


  22. Christine Page

    The answer to the question is Cicero.. but now everyone can see my answer.. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win..

  23. Jillian T.

    The Chicago suburb mentined in the song is Cicero!! It happens to be one of my favorite songs and also my husbands!!

  24. Amy

    That would be Cicero. Pick me!Pick me!

  25. Sunny Karnazes


  26. Kathryn

    Cicero! A suburb and large street in Chicago.

  27. Michael Dhesse


  28. Cicero

    In context:

    Well this one night we were in Cicero

    Well, this one night we were in Cicero, the three of us, and we were in this hotel room, boozin’ and havin’ a few laughs and we run out of ice, so I went out to get some. I come back, open the door… there’s Veronica and Charlie doing Number Seventeen… the spread eagle.

  29. Michael T.

    Cicero….My wife made me watch this clip so many times on DVD!!!

  30. Barb

    Isn’t opening night Wed at 8 on the 25th?

  31. Lauren T.

    The answer is Cicero which is named in The Cell Block Tango!!!

  32. broadwayinchicago

    @Barb – The first performance is Wednesday, but the opening night is February 26!

  33. Seana Thomas


  34. KarenS

    Cicero is the Chicago suburb mentioned in the lyrics.

  35. Jonathan Shum

    The answer is Cicero!

  36. David

    pop, six, squish, uhuh, CICERO, lipschitz!


  37. Mariana Chaves


  38. Gina R S

    The answer is Cicero

  39. Terri Tillinghast

    Thanks for the chance to win! The answer is CICERO.

  40. Ed Rodriguez

    The answer is Cicero for the suburb named in Chicago.

  41. FlynnFan

    In cell block tango: CICERO!!!!

    When will the winners be announced?

  42. Mike Sr.

    My son says cicero

  43. Sari W.

    Cicero! From “Cell Block Tango”

  44. Joe Marnen

    The answer is Cicero!

  45. CHI-cago

    pop… six… squish…. uhuh… CICERO!!!!

  46. Aesha

    Thanks for the reminder in your latest post… and I’ll join the chorus with Cicero! 🙂

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