Chicago in Chicago

I am on the plane heading back from Bangkok, and I think we have 3 more hours left before we touch down at O’Hare.

The Palace Grounds

The Grand Palace

Our journey to Asia was a whirlwind, to say the least, but an experience of a lifetime. The company enjoyed themselves thoroughly; it was great to come to the theatre every night to share each other’s stories. From the elephant riding to the canal tours, to the Grande Palace and Reclining Buddha, this CHICAGO cast could have written their own guide books chock full of photos,videos, and tidbits about Bangkok’s hidden treasures.

Now we have a couple of days to adjust, recover from jet lag, and acclimate to a much colder climate. I miss my flip flops already.

Not only are we happy to be returning to the US, but we are thrilled to be opening our show in the city where the story began. The last time I was in Chicago was when I rejoined the tour in 2005. I didn’t have the opportunity to explore or play tourist then, but I plan to make up for it this time around. I hear the Museums, shopping along Michigan Avenue, and sampling some of the great foods of the city are all not to be missed. This is going to be another memorable couple of weeks.

Till next time..
Terra C. MacLeod (Velma Kelly)

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