anything can happen

MARY POPPINS began last week (March 11) so I am in the middle of the last minute things that need to checked and double checked when a production of this magnitude begins. Last week Jennifer Cole and I went over to the Cadillac Palace and watched part of a rehearsal. We were there to make sure that the seats – that had been held for an extra super large sound board which I am happy to say is actually just a normally large soundboard – were back in. They were there! So the good news is that we have 54 tickets on the Orchestra Level every performance back on sale. Checking the seats took five minutes but we were so enthralled by the production that an hour later we finally crept out of the theatre. We ran into the Company Manager and an important Disney Executive as snuck out – busted!

Ashley Brown as Mary Poppins. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Ashley Brown as Mary Poppins. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Thank goodness they didn’t mind us being there and we did learn that some very important guests will be in the Cadillac Palace Theatre for the next couple weeks. MARY POPPINS is the creation of a unique partnership between Cameron Mackintosh and Thomas Schumacher, President of Disney Theatrical. Both Thomas Schumacher and Cameron Mackintosh are here for the first performances. Two of the biggest names in theatre wandering around our theatre!

The next day I was introduced to both of them and even after all these years in theatre, I was thrilled. I wanted to let them both how much I admired their productions. Specifically, I wanted to tell Mr. Schumacher how much I loved THE LION KING and to tell Mr. Mackintosh that I loved Les Miserables but instead…I just told them how great sales were. At least I didn’t stammer or blush. Or I don’t think that I did.



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  1. K. Borcz

    I’ve heard a lot of good things of Mary Poppins. I hope to find time to see it while it’s still here in Chicago!

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