what’s the buzz?

Over the past few months, we have loved blogging with all of you. Yesterday, after announcing our new iPhone App, over 1,100 people downloaded it. We are very excited given that it was the first theatrical iPhone App, but what it really taught us is that our fans are really connected. All of you are on the internet regularly and like the interaction and accessibility that the internet provides.

To that end – just for you – we are going to create a new feature that will show up on the Broadway In Chicago Blog, Facebook and You Tube pages called the BROADWAY IN CHICAGO MINUTE, a video blog where questions from our fans are answered! We’ll chat with Broadway In Chicago staff, cast members of our shows, members of the tech crew or orchestra or our stage door workers! We hope to launch this soon but before we do, we want your input. Leave your questions in the comments – what have you always wanted to know – by May 1. We’ll try to answer as many as we can.

Keep your eye out for the BROADWAY IN CHICAGO MINUTE!



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4 responses to “what’s the buzz?

  1. emily

    Will Xanadu be back? Any hope? Some of the cast mentioned that the tour might stop back through for a few weeks, but sounded pretty iffy about it. It’s such a shame that they closed early. I think they’d have done really well if the economy wouldn’t have been doing so poorly during their run. And I thought the show and the cast were really terrific.

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Ken O

    This would be a question for a specific actress. I don’t know if this is exactly what you had in mind with this, but I’ll ask away.
    To Vanessa McMahon. Could you compare and contrast what it is like to work in a show like “Mary Poppins” compared to “Wicked”?
    Thank you.
    Ken Overmyer

    Also, on another note, I totally agree with Emily about “Xanadu”!

  3. I am actually a HUGE fan of Wicked, and A Chorus Line. I was just wondering if you could interview anyone from the Chicago Wicked production and ANYONE from ACL!!!! I am currently at school in La Crosse, and wont be able to see ACL. But, I can’t wait for LEGALLY BLONDE! Also, I was wondering if there is any job shadowing or positions for the summer. I am an Arts Admin major and a Musical Theatre major. Any type of job with BIC, would be amazing!

  4. Ken O

    Want to apologize. Vanessa McMahan (not McMahon).

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