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new_logo_stack_gk_mediumWe just announced that SHREK THE MUSICAL is launching its national tour here June 2010. 2010 might sound far away but it will be here before you know it. We are announcing our next season next week, and this will be in the season after that one. Groups seem to love this show, and they are lucky because they get to book now (assuming you have 20 friends to go with).

Linda Flasch, Group Sales Manager, and I have been working with the Group Sales Staff about implementing the SHREK marketing plan. SHREK is a little bit different then some of the other musicals that we have sold. This is a show that is so clever that it appeals to young and old but best of all – boys love it too! We love “guy shows.” To name a few, THE PRODUCERS, SPAMALOT and JERSEY BOYS, but this one will attract not only the boys, but boys at heart. I am excited that I now have a guy show that a guy would want to take the whole family to see.

Maybe the Boy Scouts will book SHREK? I would love to see some boys with theatre patches on their uniforms! Wonder what Boy Scout Patch for SHREK would look like? Does anyone have a good idea? Let me know your ideas and I will pick a winner. Winner gets the SHREK cast recording and your very own pair of SHREK ears.




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6 responses to “being green

  1. Ally

    so excited to hear this one is coming! yay!

  2. I’m excited for Shrek and to hear about the new season. The Addams Family should be a great show (looking forward to the cast announcement) and I hope that In the Heights will be making a stop in the windy city. (Part of me is already hoping that West Side Story will join Shrek in 2010 and that the Oriental might see a return visit from another familiar green character and her bubbly friend, if only for a little while.)

    As for a boy scout patch, I’m not sure how much of an impact the character has in the musical but Gingy the Gingerbread Man is my favorite character from the movie so my Boy Scout Patch would be modeled after this:

    The “Do You Know the Muffin Man” scene from the first movie is brilliant.

  3. Alex L

    Let’s be realistic and see what shows could / most likely will come to Chicago next season.

    West Side Story
    Young Frankenstein
    In the heights – – I hope for a limited engagement
    101 Dalmations – The Musical
    Little House on the prairie
    South Pacific
    The Color Purple
    The Lion King
    White Christmas

    As far as I know, those are the only planned / current national tours. And let’s be realistic, Wicked wont be coming back…

    We already have conformation that…
    August Onsage County
    Shrek – The Musical
    Addams Family Musical

    Will be in Chicago in 2010

  4. Alex L

    I stand corrected. The Color Purple will be in Chicago in September, but not apart of BIC.

  5. mike sansone

    the color purple came a couple of years ago as part of broadway in chicago…phantom tours here every couple of years.
    i would love to see west side story..and i would freak if lion king came..i wanna see that soo bad.

  6. Heather

    I took my Girls Scout troop and their families to see this musical a few months ago. It was amazing and all the brothers loved it too. Unfortunately Dreamworks is taking forever to get the patches made and delivered to the theater so they can be forwarded onto us. I now have parents acting quite a lot like the crazy dragon breathing down my neck. I recommend this musical for all ages and genders. Hands down it was the best family play for keeping the entire family entertained. My husband hates theater, but he loved Shreck. It just may take forever to get the patch.

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