on the road again

I am in NY on Broadway today and our whole team is either here today or joining us tomorrow. Chicago is my home but I do love NY! You can’t go a block without passing a marquee of a show that you want to see. And while New York is so large, the Broadway community is like a little town all to itself. You can’t help but walk down the street running into someone you have worked with or want to work with soon. Actors, directors, writers and producers they all work within an eight-block area jammed with theaters, producing offices and rehearsal rooms.

This trip I am going to see an eclectic group of shows including West Side Story, Rock of Ages, Next to Normal (David Stone’s new musical – he is the producer of WICKED), God of Carnage, Toxic Avenger and if I can find time – 9 to 5.

And we are meetings with Jersey Boys, Shrek, In the Heights, Addams Family and a Nederlander Family meeting. I am sure that Gemma’s blog post later this week will give you some insider scoop on the shows that she is seeing too.

Before I go back to my meetings today, I wanted to address a comment on our blog last week. The poster did not understand why the SHREK was announced in the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times before it was on our blog. I want you to know that we are committed that you get great behind the scenes information – much of which we have never shared with the media. We are having fun sharing this information that has never shared before, but we can’t promise that all breaking news will appear here first. Why? Because we want to be sure that all our friends in the media get some great scoops too!

We hope you will continue to follow us through this blog, our facebook and our twitter – every site has its own flare, and some unique information



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  1. Mike Sansone

    Since your are meeting with in the heights….do you know if that will eventually be a show that will come to chicago?

    and i just want to say thanks for a great job with the blog and facebook and everything all of you guys do to bring such amazing shows to chicago.
    hopefully one day i will get to meet some of you..if not work with some..if not all of you. =]

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