painting chicago pink

Cortney Wolfson

Cortney Wolfson

The bus took a turn onto Cicero Ave. and the cast went quiet – occupied by the sights of a new Tour City. We’ve come into a habit of staring out the window while on the ride to our new ‘home’ in search of some familiarity; an ounce of hope that the city in which we’re arriving will bring us a delivering Jimmy Johns, a bar that stays open past 10:30pm, or even just a wash-n-fold Laundromat. I broke the silence: “Pepe’s!!!!”

Really? No one? In a cast full of New Yorkers and 90210-ers, I guess Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant doesn’t look too appealing. But to a girl from the Midwest it can only mean one thing: I’m Home.

I grew up in Lafayette, Indiana – near Purdue University. Did the showchoir thing, the pageant thing, etc. In my home, Chicago existed for one wonderful reason: Theatre. I’m back in the Midwest for a month doing Legally Blonde at the Oriental and couldn’t be happier to return in such style. I walked down State Street last night on the way to sound-check and could have lost it right there on the curb. This city is so majestic.

Our preview audience was brilliant. As a young actor, the range of my regional theatre experience is limited. I closed Les Miserables in New York last winter, and I’ve worked a couple of Summerstock jobs here and there, but this is my first experience in traveling with a show. Chicago brings with it all the poise and elegance of a Theatre City. Its theatre-goers are certainly not afraid to put on their Sunday Clothes for curtain.

I have such respect for this place. Here’s to four weeks of hometown splendor, good eats, good audiences, and a great run!

-Cortney Wolfson (Serena/Legally Blonde The Musical)


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3 responses to “painting chicago pink

  1. Alex Linardos

    I had wrote on your wall asking about Legally Blonde Rush. I had a friend from out of town come and stay with me this weekend. We planned our weekend accordingly so we could see all three current Broadway in Chicago offerings for her. We approached the box office to get our tickets for Legally Blonde on Saturday night. Because according to your website, there is a rush for Saturday evening. We were told that there isn’t a rush for Legally Blonde on Saturday. We knew we wanted to see the show really bad, so we decided to pay a lot more then we were originally expecting. I am a huge supporter of Broadway in Chicago. I receive the mobile updates,as well as check the blog, twitter and facebook page multiple times a day. As well as an avid Theatre goer. I always boast about BIC and tell out of townees to see the productions. I’m not asking for something out of this, but it would be greatly appreciated.


    Alex Linardos

  2. broadwayinchicago

    Alex – We are sorry about the confusion. On the offers page on our site, it says “Not valid on Friday – Sunday matinee performances.” Where did you see that it was valid on Saturday? I want to make sure that is corrected. I hope you and your friend enjoyed the show!

  3. I was planning to visit my home town Chicago in the Spring. I am currently in Toronto, so I was wondering if the schedule dates and times will be unchanged. I think Alex is a distant relative.

    thank you in advance

    Tom Linardos

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