nothing beats chicago

A lot is happening at Broadway In Chicago!

I had to fly out for a one day turnaround to see a show and meet with producers. This is a show that will knock your socks off! It’s so much fun but I can’t give you more details than that right now. Today we had producers come in to tour all the venues for a new show that they are thinking of bringing to Chicago FIRST! Sounds spectacular and we made sure they all know that Chicago is fond of being first. What’s great about touring new producers around Chicago is that they fall in love with the city. What is not to love? And we always credit Mayor Daley for all the beautiful flowers and parks and our forefathers who had the foresight to not build on the lake. Everybody loves Chicago – even Elton John has Chicago fever!

SPRING AWAKENING is still with us but only for one more week – you must stop what you are doing and go. It is one of those shows that you don’t want to miss. JERSEY BOYS has really been busy with summer tourists and is now planning its second anniversary! We have meetings this week with THE ADDAMS FAMILY; it is great to be able to present a world premiere pre-Broadway production. We are also looking forward to YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN with some of the original Broadway stars Roger Bart and Shuler Hensley.

What a fall we have shaping up!


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9 responses to “nothing beats chicago

  1. Brent

    Sure hope the show you saw was HAIR!! Bring it to Chicago!!

  2. Alex

    Tell us what show it is!!?

  3. broadwayinchicago

    Can’t tell you yet, but stay tuned!

  4. Kalli

    How much longer are we going to have to wait!!!?

  5. broadwayinchicago

    Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

  6. Alex

    And the waiting, the waiting, THE WAITING!!!!!

  7. broadwayinchicago

    Alex – we already announced Shrek! 🙂

  8. Alex L

    BIC – That made me smile! : )

    Will there be any press thing going on for Shrek, or no?

  9. Alex L

    Dang! You guys are really making us wait! Can’t wait to see Addams Family next weekend!!

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