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You haven’t lived until you have felt the excitement of an opening night! And guess what? You could actually go to the opening night of THE ADDAMS FAMILY on December 9. This is the night that the press and all of the VIPs from the show attend. Rarely does the general public get a chance to attend these openings. So, how can you get tickets? Well, we just released about 200 seats in the balcony and they are just waiting for you to purchase them. But hurry! They are going to go quickly!


We just released first row seats for almost any performance of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. These are seats that were just checked for sight lines and it appears they are great seats. If you want to be up close and personal with the Family, now is the time to buy your seats.




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8 responses to “it’s opening night

  1. A. Williams

    I’m confused. I have tickets to the November 13 performance. Am I going to be seeing something that’s not TAF?

  2. broadwayinchicago

    @A – you will get to see the very first public performance of THE ADDAMS FAMILY! Still very cool. November 13 is the first preview, December 9 is “technically” the opening night – when the press comes to review the show.

  3. Julie

    is there anything diff about opening night besides the press? I like to stage door after shows, will the cast come out or will they have press things to do?

  4. Miguel

    I have BIC season tickets for Dec. 1st…are they wrong?

  5. David

    How much are the front row seats?

  6. broadwayinchicago

    They are regular price tickets!

  7. broadwayinchicago

    The show is here for 9 weeks so there are plenty of performance dates to choose from. Enjoy the show!

  8. broadwayinchicago

    Every show is different so you never know what will happen – that is what is so great about live theater!

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