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Broadway In Chicago subscribers get into the spirit of Halloween this past weekend

I have been getting a lot of questions about the details on THE ADDAMS FAMILY. There are only 11 days left till the first preview and I am as anxious as our subscribers, who dressed up for Halloween as the entire “family,” and as our audiences, who have been clamoring on our blog for an update (this is for your Alex!).

This is what I know: the set is up and is stunning, the cast is working very hard and is such a tremendously rich ensemble, the writers of both the book and the music (Marshall Brickman, Rick Elice and Andrew Lippa) are going to deliver something that I think you’ll find surprising, and the show is led by a pair of the most unusual directors (Phelim McDermott & Julian Crouch) to shepherd a musical. Together with the tremendous ensemble, they are going to bring you a show that is as beautiful as it is intelligent – a total match for our Chicago audiences and one that I am telling you, you don’t want to miss! There are still tickets left, but don’t think you can wait – buy your tickets now!

FYI: The cast has been out and about in Chicago! Lots of sightings – McDonald’s, the Bean, Petterino’s, Architectural Boat Cruise, Northwestern – let us know if you have had any sightings of your own.



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  1. Alex

    Thanks for the update, I actually have a friend working in the show!! I’ll be seeing Young Frankenstein this weekend!!!! Maybe I’ll see you there!

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