bye, bye baby


I can still remember my first time seeing it in New York. So excited that I called all of my bosses to say, “This is the one! This is another long run for Chicago!”

Many people said that it appealed mostly to New Yorkers and Jersey and that it wouldn’t be the same for Chicago, but oh, how wrong they were. I knew that The Four Seasons music was an anthem for Chicagoans – and no one does Jersey better than a native from Berwyn or Cicero. Plus the story was universal and one of those rare stories that appeal to the male audience as well as the ladies dancing in the aisles.

Long-run shows are special, they are few and far between and they are the shows that are not sold by advertising, clever marketing or even great reviews. They are the shows that the people fall in love with. They are the shows that when people walk out they are planning their next trip and with whom they will make their trip back or who they are going to send. These shows transcend the economy, the weather, the time of year. They are simply the shows that people will not go without seeing. JERSEY BOYS connected with the audiences and leave them with something that they will remember for the rest of their lives and if they are lucky with the songs downloaded on their ipods!

I hope that you were one of the lucky people that came to see this show – OH WHAT A RUN! We will miss them dearly during all of the seasons and there were many more than 4!

Broadway In Chicago thanks the producers and management team of JERSEY BOYS for choosing Chicago and look forward to many more returns to Chicago – don’t forget us, we will never forget you!


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  1. Ally

    we thank you guys for keeping it around so long too! I’ve seen the show 20 times in Chicago, and I slept on the streets on Saturday night to get a ticket. It was completely worth it and that last show was absolutely the best theater experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. As someone who has been following the show almost since it started, I will say it is going to be sadly missed for more than a few Chicagoans!

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