two weeks only!

Every time I come back home to Chicagoland, the FIRST place I must eat is Gino’s East Pizza! That spinach deep dish pizza is pure BLISS!

I love to find the music in Chicago. First, I love going to the Black Ensemble Theatre to catch the latest production. Their shows usually incorporate a lot of music and you will often find the audience having an emotional response to each song. It’s often just like being at a concert. The second place I love to go is a studio called Miquifaye Studios. Whenever I come to this studio, I feel inspired and we usually finish a whole song in a day. Our music is featured on my album.

I would highly recommend The Taste of Chicago! I look forward to this event every year. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and offers some of the finest restaurants.

I love being back in Chicago. Growing up in Gary and going to college in Chicago, it holds a special place for me. Apart from that, it has a seriously supportive theatre community. The Cadillac Palace is the perfect space for Dreamgirls. The sound is great and though it’s a large house, it never loses its intimacy.

-Chester Gregory (James “Thunder” Early/DREAMGIRLS)

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