a family affair

© Robert J. Saferstein. Touring company of August: Osage County

Another Opening! Not just of another show but for our beloved Steppenwolf’s AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY – winner of not only a slew of Tony’s but also a Pulitzer for Chicago’s own Tracy Letts! This is like the prodigal child come home. It is not often that a PLAY with 13 characters opens in our hometown, moves to Broadway, becomes a hit and then take the bold move to tour around the country.

We are very excited to have the show here – mostly because this is a show that everyone should see. If you missed it at Steppenwolf when it started here nearly four years ago, you simply must see it. And if you saw it at Steppenwolf, it is time to visit your favorite dysfunctional family again! Yes, it is a dysfunctional family, but I dare you to see it and not find some of your own family up on stage! Tracy Letts created a family that, while off the charts, has something on stage that represents everyone of us. Let me know if you have seen it and identified an aunt, mother, cousin or even yourself on stage. Leave a comment by noon on Wednesday, February 3, and and to my favorite story, I will give two tickets to tomorrow night’s performance (the show is at 7:30 pm!).

Come see for yourself.



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2 responses to “a family affair

  1. Irene

    Where to start…well, my grandmother was the matriarch of the family until passing away almost two years ago. She had a way of bringing you in for a hug with one hand and spanking you with the other when you least expected it lol. She gave almost everyone she met a nickname. Never to hurt or bash them, just to describe the way she saw them. My boyfriend was ‘el deslavado’ or ‘washed out’ because he is so pale and thin. When the family would get together for a big dinner the evening would begin as usual with everyone saying what is new and exciting in their life and would end with the majority of the family remembering funny and embarassing stories about someone quiet sitting at the table until that person wanted to crawl under the table and die. Singing, tears, dessert, and a little bit of cold beer were always included. While I’ve never seen the show, I’ve just begun to read the play this week and am loving it.

  2. Gabrielle Knight

    I can definitely identify with some aspects of Barbara’s relationship with her mother. Violet with her acerbic ways makes my mother look like a saint (thank goodness), but she can be critical with her sometimes my-way-or-you’re-completely-wrong attitude. I confess that I wanted to skip my high school prom because it was just not worth fighting with her on how little makeup I was going to wear, not getting my eyebrows shaped, etc.

    My mother is a wonderful person, but like so many of us making our way in the real world, she has her burdens and her vices. She’s so caught up in her stress that she habitually lives day-to-day, getting by with her vices, instead of using foresight to better her situation. This something I also see in Violet, and it frustrates me to no end. I know she expects my help, and I am far from a model daughter, but instead of talking with me she blows up when I fail to meet these silent expectations of hers, and that makes me want to force her to change how she interacts with me. I’ve certainly wished to have enough power or influence to do so and to be able to change aspects of how she lives her life, but past attempts have devolved into hissy fits on my part (certainly nothing compared with how Barbara cleaned out her mother’s pills). If one thing is clear from August: Osage County, it is that animosity gets you very little. 😉 Only towards people we care about do we hold such strong positive and negative feelings.

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive tickets to this fantastic piece of theater!

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