elephant kills?

What show do you think has “Elephant Kills” and why?

I will give you a day to answer. On Wednesday, I’ll post the full explanation. Post your answer in the comments, and we will pick a winner randomly from the correct answers. Winner gets my two tickets for opening night for the show I am referring to!



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11 responses to “elephant kills?

  1. Patrick Gaffney

    I would have to think it’s Lion King. I think The King trains his son to hunt them, dosn’t he?

  2. Mike Nocek

    The Lion King. Simba was forbidden to go to the elephant graveyard by Mufasa who then had to come to rescue him and Nala from the hyenas. (later to be trampled by the stampede)

  3. Liam Gibbs

    The Lion King. Simba and Nala went to the elephant graveyard.

  4. Michael

    In the lion king scar lures simba to the elephants graveyard so he can trick mufasa into thinking hes in trouble while hes up on the rock, mufasa is in the canyon when the stampede happens

  5. Karen

    THE LION KING! Nala and simba sneak off to the elephant graveyard with Zazu

  6. Deanna

    The elephant graveyards in the lion king

  7. Alex L

    The Lion King.

    Simba is forbidden to go to the Elephant Graveyard because that’s Scar’s layer.

  8. Dan

    The only show with elephants would have to be the lion king… unless you count the cameos from the lion king in Shrek as well =p

  9. James

    Scar tells simba about the elephant graveyard knowing that he will disobey his father and travel there and hopefully get killed so he can takeover the prideland.

  10. Nea Dunn

    In The Lion King, the Elephant Graveyard is where Scar lives and Simba is forbidden to go.

  11. Megan Kindgren

    Elephant kills because that’s where Simba and Nyla meet the Hyina’s and it’s Scar’s layer.