Trivia Hint

Everyone seems to have the “What show?” part correct (Disney’s The Lion King), but no one has the “Why?” yet. So we are going to give you a hint and another day to guess.

“Elephant Kills” Hint: This is an insider’s term, one used by the theatre staff.

Take another shot! Leave your comment on this blog post, and then I will follow with the answer on Friday.

Remember the winner will be picked randomly and win my tickets to opening night – it’s safe to tell you the date now: Friday, October 1 @ 8 pm.




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20 responses to “Trivia Hint

  1. Mike

    So taking another stab at it… There are only 2 ways I can interpret this hint.

    1. From seeing a parody from Forbidden Broadway where the actors are singing about hating Julie Taymor for her amazing but “painful” costumes that they had to wear.


    2. The life-size elephant that starts the show off with a bang marching through the aisles of the theatre.

    After doing some research:

    The longest animal in “The Lion King” is the elephant: 13 feet long, 11 feet 3 inches high, 9 feet wide at the ears. It collapses to 34 inches wide.

    So the stunning aspect could theatrically “kill” as far as the audiences amazement goes or from an actor standpoint the possible requirement of physical therapy from the weight.

    On a sidenote: it might be smart not to publish the comments until the contest has ended otherwise it seems like people just copy whatever other answers sounds best.

  2. Could it possibly be the number of people the large elephant puppet sideswipes as it’s coming down the aisle during the opening number, “Circle of Life”?

  3. Alex L

    I had a little bit of help.

    So let’s hope I’m right! It’s either..

    The elephant pupped uses 4 actors, maybe it is tiresome to operate.

    The elephant costume also ‘flattens’ as it goes down the asile, so it looks like elephant road kill, lol

    Then there is the elephant graveyard to deal with.

    ANd the actress playing young nala is the baby elephant in the begining.

  4. Karen

    All I know is that the show starts with this massive elephant and all the reviews say the audience explodes during the circle of life.

  5. Alex L


    I got it!!

    It’s the seats affected or “killed” due to Bertha (the show name for the elephant) coming down the house left aisle.

    I hope I win!!!!

  6. melissa wall

    The elephant kills are the seats which cannot be sold because of the elephant coming down through the theater.

  7. Mary Ellen Smolinski

    Elephant Kills: Is that when they have to stop the audience from entering and kill the lights so the animals can enter?

  8. Jim

    Because of the opening number and the massive elephant costume. The kills refer to the seats that cant be sold at risk of mauling an audience member?

  9. Liam Gibbs

    The Lion King…..
    Elephant Kills….

    Is it a phrase meaning the elephant kills something? Or is it a phrase referring to things (or people) that the elephant killed?

    Could it have something to do with the elephant that comes through the aisles during the opening number, “Circle of Life?” Perhaps the elephant is “dangerous” and might fall down at any moment on the actors inside of it (I believe the hyenas are in the legs. The actress playing Young Nala is the baby elephant.) Or it could possibly mean that the elephant might fall over as it is coming onto the stage from the aisles, and fall onto other actors playing other animals….

    Yes! It must mean one of those two things.

    Or perhaps it means that the many different pieces that make up the elephant are sharp or jagged, and they could “kill” someone…

    Or could the elephant “kill” an audience member during the Circle of Life entrance? Maybe the elephant “kills” the people seated along the hause left aisle….. But do they even sell those tickets for those seats? Are those tickets not sold because of fear that the elephant might fall on the people in the seats along the house left aisle, or “kill” them? Very Interesting indeed…….

    So, my answer will be the seats along house left. That seems like the most likely answer. The elephant might kill the people in those seats if it falls over. They may not even sell those seats, for fear of that. Elephant kills!

  10. Michael

    Lion King – Elephant Kills refers to the people who miss the beginning of the show and can’t go in until the opening is over because of the action happening in the aisles.

  11. Casandra Santos

    It’s the seats affected or “killed” due to Bertha (the elephant) coming down the house left aisle at show opening.

    Seats that can’t be ticketed due to the parade are called “Elephant Kills.”

  12. Anthony B.

    I suspect the lingo-loving theatre crew is referring to the seats that can’t be sold due to the elephants that walk through the crowd. So the “elephant kills” are these vacant seats at each performance of the Lion King.

    Unless actual elephants kill the patrons during the performances each night. High price to pay for theatre!

  13. E Mainero

    The theater isn’t allowed to sell seats that gets in the way of the performances since the elephant is so big some of the aisle seats cant be sold

  14. Shelli

    “elephant kills” refers to the seats that can’t be sold due to the parade in “The Lion King.”

  15. Deanna

    From what I know. To “kill” a seat in a production venue means to prevent it from being sold. Generally killed seats are those with limited views like many of the balconies in theatres downtown. The “Elephant Kills” are the seats that had to be restricted for the marching elephant that opens the show.

  16. James Smith

    What Show: Lion King
    Why: seats have to be removed from most theatres for the touring show because of the opening number. This refers to the seats that cannot be sold because they have to be removed to make room for the elephants.

  17. Brian Solway

    It’s the seats that can’t be used for the show due to the elephants coming down the aisle at the beginning of the show!

  18. Melissa

    Some of the seats in the theater may be unsellable because they are in the path of the elephant.

  19. Michael

    After a long search through showbiz terms and a bit of creative reasoning I think I’ve got it… During a show, certain seats are set aside for various reasons. With the elaborate costuming and puppetry of the lion king I would guess that some of the seats have been held from ticket sales, if not unbolted from the floor entirely since an elephant can hardly fit down a 3 foot wide aisle. Rather than recreating the scene in the gorge with unsuspecting audience members. Kill seats = Elephant kills

    Cudos to whoever thought up this question, it was a tough one 🙂

  20. Danny

    It’s the seats affected or “killed” due to Bertha (the elephant) coming down the house left aisle at show opening.