WICKED’s Behind The Emerald Curtain

I am trying to catch up before leaving the office and I finally had the chance to watch the new video that is now part of WICKED’s Behind the Emerald Curtain. If you are not familiar with this insiders look at WICKED you should definitely check it out when WICKED returns for, sadly, only a limited engagement from December 1 – January 23. Every Tuesday at 5:00 we will once again present Behind The Emerald Curtain in the lobby of the theatre. Two of the cast members will explain the backstory of how WICKED came to be and show attendees costumes, set designs and some of really strange paraphernalia like Flying Monkey wings and masks. Great deep background for both rabid fans and regular audience members. What is new this time is the in depth look at the craft of costume design. I was stunned watching the new video how long it takes to make one of Madame Morribles dresses. I can’t imagine Channel could take longer to create a ball gown! But what I found fascinating is what one of the costumers said.  She thinks no one really understands their role until the first time they try on their costume and then try to move and speak as the character. I guess clothes do make the man, or the woman. I think the $25 Behind the Emerald Curtain ticket is a wonderful way to enrich the experience of this magical musical.

The WICKED public on sale is September 15 but if you were one of the lucky ones who got an email about a pre-sale don’t miss your opportunity to buy the best tickets!



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