Traces Guest blogger: mason Ames

Mason Ames

Hey Chicago, Mason here from TRACES.  So far we’ve been in Chicago two weeks and we have been rehearsing everyday.

Chicago has been great.  I’ve spent time here before (performing with Midnight Circus) and it is nice to be back. I have two favorite things about Chicago so far, 1) I can see the lakefront and the river from my apartment, I like the outdoors and it is nice to be by water 2) there are lots of great people here and that makes it feel like home.

Being part of TRACES has been great – this show is unique because each artist has a specialty act and then we all perform together as an ensemble too – that is unique for us.  Something you should know is that most of us had to learn the majority of the skills that you will see in the show. For example, my specialty act is hand-to-hand with my partner Valerie.  In the show we do that number, but we also do tumbling, Chinese Poles, Hoop Diving, piano playing, etc…

Traces Performance

So far we’ve had 3 preview performances here in Chicago and the audiences have been energetic and fun.  It makes such a difference to perform for an audience and we LOVE IT when we hear you react & respond – don’t be afraid to make some noise when you come see us.  So, yeah, come see us in TRACES.


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5 responses to “Traces Guest blogger: mason Ames

  1. Julie

    Cool! Ça donne le goût d’aller te visiter dans ton appartement avec une belle vue! Bon séjour à Chicago et envoie-nous des photos!!! On s’ennuie déjà de toi… xxxxx

  2. Will Hoyer

    AH!! I saw the matinee of Traces yesterday and was moved to tears! Amazing performances all around. You guys are unbelievable!! The duet towards the beginning was so STEAMY! Keep it up! I’m definitely making a second trip!


  3. Olivia

    I saw Traces do a performance at The Arboretum of South Barrington, a mall by my house. I thought that it was cool…but the real show was amazing! You are all inredible athletes and I can’t believe the acrobatics you do. This definitley a show I am telling my friends about, you have to see it to believe it and all the guys are HOT too!!!!

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  5. Jay

    Saw Traces tonight, thought it was amazing. My favorite was the “pole dancing”. You all look amazing, and you are the hottest one of them all.

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