And the color of the week is “WICKED Green”

Marc Platt and Eileen in her "Wicked" green

Woke up this week after a long Thanksgiving Holiday that included a fond goodbye to BILLY ELLIOT and LION KING to dust off my “WICKED Green” accessories, scarves, jewelry, glasses, along with my WICKED bags.  Yes…this is sort of a signature of mine – I like to dress or accessorize in the color of the marketing materials for the shows.  Wore a lot of red for BILLY and JERSEY BOYS and while I never wore green in my life after over 4 years of working on WORKING – It became a favorite in my wardrobe.  Gathered a lot of “WICKED Green” accessories!  I consider myself a cheerleader for all of Broadway In Chicago shows and as such I wear the official colors!


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One response to “And the color of the week is “WICKED Green”

  1. Ken Overmyer

    It was so great to see the show again. It really was like getting together with an old friend!

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