Weekend Working


Bravo, Mayor-elect…

Support manifests in many ways; this weekend Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel did a fine job of supporting the performance arts community. Rumor has it that he saw not one, not two, but four performances this weekend – including visiting a school that uses the arts to dramatically improve student performance and attending A TWIST OF WATER, a recently reviewed 4-star play by Route 66 Theatre Company at Theater Wit.


Working Actor Watching WORKING actors

Prolific actor Bradley Whitford, best known for his role of Josh Lyman on THE WEST WING, stopped by to catch an afternoon performance of WORKING. He stayed afterwards to spend a little time with the cast and his friend, director Gordon Greenberg.

Now tell me, what do our Mayor-elect and Bradley Whitford have in common?


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2 responses to “Weekend Working

  1. Mike

    Both are liberal and both majored in communication arts related field.

  2. Maureen

    Bradley Whitford’s character, Josh Lyman in The West Wing, was based on Rahm.

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