Gone too soon

Beverley Randolph, production stage manager of  THE ADDAMS FAMILY; champion at her craft; an angel to all of us who knew her; with a spirit that rose above our art and a heart bigger than the stars she managed, passed away on Tuesday. We will miss her and I wanted to share with you how Broadway honors their own.

From Jeff Wilson (101 Productions), sent to me last night:

Broadway marquees were dimmed tonight in honor of Beverley.  At 8pm Bebe (Neuwirth) and the cast, in full Addams costume and make-up, stood outside the stage door with crew and dressers and Stuart (Oken) and Jerry (Zaks) and Sergio (Truillio) and others from the Addams team.  Beverley’s husband and sister and members of her family were there as well, and we all watched in silence as the lights dimmed at the Lunt, then the Marquis, then the Rogers, and so on down the street.  It was a very moving tribute to our dear friend and colleague.  She will be missed by many.

Missed both in NY and Chicago,


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