Jared Zirilli of WE WILL ROCK YOU Loves Chicago!


Hey guys! I’m Jared Zirilli – I play the role of Brit in WE WILL ROCK YOU, which is playing the Cadillac Palace Theatre this week only!

Erica Peck, Ruby Lewis, Brian Justin Crum & Jared Zirilli. Photo Credit: Paul Kolnik

Erica Peck, Ruby Lewis, Brian Justin Crum & Jared Zirilli.
Photo Credit: Paul Kolnik

As the great Kanye West said (or maybe it was Jay Z? I’m not off to a good start) – CHI TOWN STAND UP! Am I ever happy to be here – opening night of WE WILL ROCK YOU! I’ve been looking forward to this stop of the tour for months! I love Chicago! Why, you ask? I’ll tell you, friend! First off, don’t be fooled by my revealing costume – I like to be FED! Chicago has some of the best restaurants I’ve been to in all my days. My favorite is most definitely ‘The Girl and The Goat’. Amazing and interesting food from a Top Chef winner! I’d say it pairs nicely with an evening of rocking at WE WILL ROCK YOU (that was my SUBTLE plug for the show! Brave souls – read on…)

I’m also a huge lover of music. Jazz makes me feel warm and I LOVE getting the chance to see it live. There’s nothing better then a small, dark room with a great band and whiskey a-flowin’. One of my favorite spots in the Windy City is Blue Note. Great groups, cheap, and wonderful. HEY! You know who wrote great music? Queen. You know what show features all their hits? You guessed it BUB. Come see us! We’ll make you reconsider all your life choices through our rocking/rolling.

Can’t wait to see you guys! Also, for a laugh- I host a comedy/interview Vlog called Jared’s Broadway Boo’s (recently had Tony Award-winner Billy Porter on the show- google us!)

Find me on twitter @jaredzirilli or at http://JaredZirilli.com


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