10 Reasons You Need to See GHOST The Musical

Ghost The Musical is a stage adaptation of the classic Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore film. A timeless romance that will have you believing that love continues in the afterlife, the show will be playing at the Oriental Theatre from January 7-19, 2014. Even if you’re not familiar with the movie there are plenty of reasons to come see Ghost The Musical. Here are 10 of our favorites:

1. The visual effects in the show are astounding. Most of these illusions have never been done in a musical before.

Source: maudit.tumblr.com

Source: ghostmusical.tumblr.com

2. Who doesn’t enjoy a ‘love is eternal’ scenario?

Source: husssel.com

3. THIS:

Source: dreamthisismyworld.tumblr.com

Source: tookmyworldwithyou.tumblr.com

4. An original pop music score by Dave Stewart (of The Eurythmics) and Glen Ballard (famed producer of Alanis Morrissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’, amongst others).

Source: BroadwayWorld.com

5. You still get the classic ‘Unchained Melody’ song that you already love.

6. Three little words…ODA MAE BROWN. Whoopi Goldberg won the Academy Award® for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film.

Source: gif-weenus.com

Source: tookmyworldwithyou.tumblr.com

7. It involves ghosts, but isn’t all that scary.

Source: junibie.tumblr.com

Source: junibie.tumblr.com

8. It’s totally okay to cry while watching this show. Nobody’s going to fault you for it.

Source: in-love-with-movies.tumblr.com

Source: Twitter

9. The Academy Award®-winning screenwriter of the film, Bruce Joel Rubin, helped translate his work to the stage as the book writer and co-lyricist.

Source: Courtland Review

10. You will BELIEVE your eyes.

Source: jeremy-jordan.tumblr.com


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