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these are a few of my favorite things…

This is what the marketing office looks like today:


Marketing Office 001 Marketing Office 002 

You may be asking yourself if a bomb went off, or perhaps you think we are building a box fort… the answer is far more exciting than that. (at least for all of you!)


The reason for this mayhem is that we have an action-packed weekend planned! As you have probably heard, Monday is the Broadway In Chicago Concert in the Park, but we will also be participating in the annual Chicago Pride Parade on Sunday. Needless to say, we have been as busy as can be trying to make this an absolutely spectacular, albeit slightly hectic, pair of events.


On Sunday morning at the obscenely early hour of 9am, Andrew, Basia and myself will meet here at the Broadway In Chicago office to transport all of our materials to the parade route. I will have to work on my Tetris skills for the next couple days, because we somehow have to fit over 15,000 pieces of promo merchandise and three people into a Honda Accord. Seriously.


The parade itself will kick off around noon—keep an eye out for float #102 if you are at the parade because we will have tons of fun goodies to give away. There will be 14 BIC staffers and perhaps a cast member or two out supporting the GLBT community…and having a great time in the process! If you haven’t been to the Parade before, you should definitely try to join us—it is truly an unforgettable experience.


Then it’s time to run home for a good night’s sleep before the Concert in the Park! This is probably my favorite event of the year. What could be better than sitting outside listening to some amazing performers sing songs from my favorite shows? This year’s concert will include performances from Mary Poppins, Jersey Boys, Young Frankenstein, In the Heights, 101 Dalmatians and Boys v. Girls. Not only that, but Roger Bart, Dennis DeYoung, Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee and the whole cast of Jersey Boys will be there along with an Olympic athlete!


 I have been attending these concerts for far longer than I have worked at Broadway In Chicago, so it is a lot of fun to be in on the planning process this time around. Sure, there is a lot of work involved—have you ever tried to transport dollies laden with fun merchandise through the packed streets of the Taste of Chicago – but there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces as they leave the concert.


I truly hope that everyone joins us for at least one of these wonderful events this weekend. We put a lot of effort into making these experiences fantastic for all who attend, and love to share our passion for theatre with everyone that we can. See you this weekend!

-Mary Brennan (Marketing Coordinator)

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there’s no business like show business

Did you know?

In the theatre business to break even with your finances often is referred to as “making your nut.” Does anyone know where the term “making your nut” comes from?

Leave your answer in the comments! We’ll pick a winner from the correct responses (that fancy random number generator again) and he or she will receive two tickets for the closing of XANADU this Sunday night (March 29 @ 7:30 pm!). You have until THIS WEDNESDAY at 5 pm to enter.

Closing performances are always fun…and I will be sorry to see XANADU go as it is really a very funny show and the audiences had a great time every night. But every show closing means another is opening – and we have a lot of those.
UPDATE: We have a winner! David Shum, we’ll be in touch on how to get your tickets for Sunday night!


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don’t let this moment die

Elizabeth Stanley. Photo: Carol Rosegg

Elizabeth Stanley. Photo: Carol Rosegg

First spring day in Chicago!! I hate to even be inside for one moment on a day like today. It’s Thursday, March 5, and it is 62 degrees today (according to my iPhone)–it is GLORIOUS (according to me)! After being here for a couple months now, I finally feel like I’ve settled in to a bit of a pace; today I got up and headed to the Bikram yoga studio here (which I LOVE), and then enjoyed a leisurely walk to Trader Joe’s for some provisions before heading home to write this, and of course, before heading to the theatre to skate the night away with glitter and feathered hair.

I’ve had a few moments lately where I look around at all of us backstage and just laugh. I laugh at how ridiculous our costumes are (in a fabulous-accurately-80’s way); I laugh that night after night I pet a fake pony and then ride it into the sky; I laugh that Max has a dozen of the same muscle shirts hanging on his costume rack; I laugh at the glow-stick that is being used as a door-stop back stage; I laugh at the conversations about “Shena” (my wig) that sound as though she is actually alive…these are the small details that make me love my job all the more. It is rare that a group of people, a group of co-workers love each other so much, and have so much fun together. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed as much as I have with this company. In these tough times, I am really grateful to have a job that I love, with people that I love, and that requires me to wear so much glitter! (Last weekend I was home visiting my parents who live 4 hours downstate. After finishing my laundry, I was cleaning the lint filter from the dryer—and even that was sparkling with glitter!)

Living the gypsy life is not always easy, yet I must confess to loving the variation it brings to life! Before I began Xanadu I was playing Eliza Doolittle at theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah–on our days off we went hiking and climbing in gorgeous Zion national park. The Xanadu tour began by the sea in lovely and mellow La Jolla, California, and now we’ve weathered the winter, feeling like true city-folk walking the streets of Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile daily. Being “on tour” is literally a journey, and I feel fairly certain that I can speak for all of us when I say that we love this stop of our journey. It’s been wonderful to be in a city that has a thriving theatrical community…and amazing food. We are all anxious for our next stop: Tokyo!!!!!! We’ve had a couple of press junkets with journalists and press from Japan, and each time I get more and more excited about experiencing life there! And each time I feel the need more and more to buy the Rosetta stone for Japanese! I never dreamt that my work would take me to Japan–again, I am filled with gratitude. I can only imagine what I’ll be writing after my time there is complete…

Thank you for supporting the arts! May you radiate from within! Peace!

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oh, what a feeling!

Carol Rosegg

Elizabeth Stanley and Max von Essen Photo: Carol Rosegg

I have to admit that one of the best things about working in theatre is attending a press night when you know it is going to be a blast. Last Wednesday night, the press night of XANADU was so much fun. Most of us had seen the show either in NY or during previews but the entire staff showed up to root for the cast.One of our season ticket staff members, Bethany, got the chance to sit on stage. This may sound like a publicity stunt for press night but actually we have stage seating every performance for only $25. She told us that the actors made sure that everyone felt like they were part of the show. After the curtain call, Sharon Wilkins, who plays one of the evil muses, gave everyone hugs and thanked them for being not only being a great audience but an important element of the show. Of course, I can’t promise that one of the stars will greet people every night. Sitting in a regular seat at Drury Lane Water Tower, I was definitely jealous of Bethany when I saw her up on stage. I guess I will have to back and this time buy a stage seat and really be part of the show.

Linda Flasch, the Broadway In Chicago Group Sales Manager, also had a fabulous time. She bumped in into Kyle DeSantis in the lobby pre-show. Although, he now owns the theater, Linda remembered him from when he was two years old and she was a very young girl working for his grandfather at Drury Lane Oak Brook. They had a great time catching up.

Rob Ahrens, one of the producers, told me that Elizabeth Stanley, who plays Kira/Clio, made sure that everyone cast started off press night on the right foot. She baked roller skate-shaped cookies for everyone in the cast. It must have worked – XANADU got incredible reviews!

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