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we are family

Dominic Scaglione Jr. (Jersey Boys) & Becky Gulsvig (Legally Blonde the Musical) chat before their performances at the League fo Chicago Theaters Gala

Dominic Scaglione Jr. (Jersey Boys) & Becky Gulsvig (Legally Blonde the Musical) chat before their performances at the League of Chicago Theaters Gala

Last week was the League of Chicago Theatres benefit and it was a great party. The League honored some of my favorite people and Chicago greats including Criss Henderson and Barbara Gaines from Chicago Shakespeare, Janet Davies from ABC7 and Marcelle McVay from Victory Gardens Theater. It was like the “Who’s Who?” of Chicago theater. What I loved most about the evening was the acknowledgement of a theatre community that, since the 1970s, has been a tight knit family. Never could you imagine so many people working in the same business who are all so in love with not what each of us does but what the collective creates. Like any family, over three decades, we have had our battles, egos and best of all dramas, but in the end “we are a family.”

In addition, Broadway In Chicago awarded the third annual Emerging Theatre Award. The 2009 recipient was the side project and Adam Webster, founder and Artistic Director, accepted the award. This award means a lot to Broadway In Chicago. Not only is it an opportunity for Broadway In Chicago to contribute financially to young company but to be able to interact throughout the year with valuable guidance. This is also a time for the entire community to acknowledge a company that is poised to go to the next step. This is a very special award as it is one of the few that is chosen by the company’s peers in the industry.

Janet Davies (ABC7) & Dominick Scaglione Jr. (Jersey Boys)

Janet Davies (ABC7) & Dominick Scaglione Jr. (Jersey Boys)

The evening was topped off when Dominic Scaglione Jr., star of JERSEY BOYS, sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” to Janet Davies, who was given the Tribute Award. She is definitely “too good to be true.” Following Dominic was a performance from our own Elle Woods, Becky Gulsvig.


Couple of notes –

  • Don’t wait or you will be out of luck! See LEGALLY BLONDE and MARY POPPINS – the both only have a few weeks left.
  • JERSEY BOYS is about to celebrate its 1 millionth patron. If you haven’t seen it yet, go now or if you are hoping to see it again, now is the time. You could be the 1 millionth patron and who knows what we will do for this honored customer!



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(not) working 9 to 5

I was talking to friend over the weekend and she was complaining about her boring her job is. She asked me why I never complain and I joked and asked her “How could I be bored?” The thing about “Show Business” is that it is not a 9:00 to 5:00/Monday through Friday kind of job.

Chicago Ambassadors

Chicago Ambassadors

For instance, this Sunday, I got up early to head down to the Convention Center at McCormick Place to serve Lemonade to 10,000 Health Information Management Systems Society Conference attendees as a member of the Chicago Ambassadors Program (we hand out beverages and welcome people to Chicago). Next I headed to the Cadillac Palace Theatre because Anshe Emet Day School’s Eighth Grade Fundraiser was at MARY POPPINS for the 1:00 show. Everything went smoothly – no one lost their tickets. JERSEY BOYS and RENT both had a 2:00 matinees, so I was able to check on them after leaving MARY POPPINS. At intermission, I was back at MARY POPPINS to find a Girl Scout Leader who had 136 girls attending the performance and make sure she had received her POPPINS patches and knew where the post show Q&A would be. I had just enough time back at the office to do a couple reports before I ran back to meet castmembers who had been Girl Scouts, Q Smith (Mrs. Corry, who sings SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC…) and Carol Angeli (Statue, Doll and others) backstage to bring them out at the end of the show for the Q&A.

As I left the theatre after the post show Q&A, my cell phone rang and my daughter asked “Where have you been?” I told her it was a long story.


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mama said knock you out

Jersey Boys vs. ChicagoThere is always great camaraderie between casts of different shows, as well as a little rivalry. Casts live and work a different schedule than most of us. We enjoy theatre during our free time. They enjoy free time while we work. So a midnight game of Whirlyball is the perfect start to a Thursday evening. In case you are not familiar with Whirlyball, think of a cross between basketball and lacrosse – in bumper cars.

The cast of JERSEY BOYS challenged the cast of CHICAGO to a high stakes game a few weeks ago, and Timmy Quinlan, a member of the cast of JERSEY BOYS, had this to offer about his experience:


I can feel my heart beat faster. I know they’re bearing down on me. The goal is in my sights. If my aim is true, the tide will turn and life as we know it will never be the same.
I shoot.
The black team takes the lead. No time to celebrate, back to defend our turf. In my scoot, #31 black, I can’t be beat. She’s fast enough for you old man.
Sure, we’ll slap each other on the back later and say “good game,” but for these ten minutes, the battle rages on.
Here they come at full force, cradling the scuffed wiffle ball, holding onto their one bit of power. It’s all they have. That and their pride, but that won’t last long.
Two minutes to go and it’s looking good for Team Black. The ball ricochets off of the backboard. It rolls to the corner. I reach my scoop down, but I’m checked into the boards, hard. red #1. He’ll get his.
I see #15 black making a fast break. My scoot flies down the court, the wind blowing through my hair. I take out #8 red to ensure an open shot.
If only we can hold on long enough…


JERSEY BOYS walloped CHICAGO. RENT (beginning March 31) is the next opponent.

-Andrew, Marketing Director

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return of the blog

Oh…I have missed two Mondays in a row to speak with you. So sorry but the drama around the last two weeks could only be done justice in a musical! Since I last talked to you: I was in NY and London with meetings and seeing shows, lost my voice (this is a difficult thing for anyone to imagine – Eileen without a voice), worked with the BIC team to open A BRONX TALE, along with a great final dress rehearsal and first preview of MARY POPPINS, PLUS delivered a talk at the Commercial Producing Conference. FYI: this was a great conference, put on by the League of Chicago Theatres. If you have interest in producing, you should definitely check it out for next year.

Hope you noticed the great Sunday article that the Chicago Tribune did on MARY POPPINS. It was a great spread with a headline above the masthead of the paper. Unfortunately they asked the question is “Are you coming to scare us, MARY POPPINS?” and the answer is NO – nothing about it is scary! In fact, every person in the audience from the youngest to the oldest is entranced by the story, the explosion of color, beautiful dancing and the great spirit leaves everyone feeling happier than when they came to the theatre. I have seen both London and New York, and to me this is by far the best MARY POPPINS ever! On the first preview, I sat up in the balcony as I often do to see what impact the show has for those in the balcony. It was amazing – this is one of those shows that whether you are on the main floor or the balcony you will have the experience of a lifetime. I always say that the shows that do the best are those that transform you from the time you walk in until the time you leave, those shows that reach you emotionally – and this is it!

We also have been working with the producers of THE ADDAMS FAMILY to finalize art for the show and plan a press conference for April – more details as they become available. The same producers, Elephant Eye, are also working with us to do a staged reading of SAVED The Divine Musical – based on the movie of the same name.

Plus, JERSEY BOYS is having a special performance on Wednesday to support Heart Health Night in partnership with Diet Coke – there will be a Red Carpet and many special guests in the audience.

In addition to all of that – my husband is producing a new play “The Quiet Man Tales” in the lower level of the Chicago Theatre that is in previews and opens on Sunday to the press.

For all those great supporters – PLEASE VOTE TODAY! The Chicago Tribune has created March Madness in search of the best cultural spot in Chicago. They have included JERSEY BOYS and MARY POPPINS in the running. Be sure to vote! Email selections to Voting ends at 9 AM on Tuesday.


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talk a little, eat a little

I have a rule at networking events that I have to talk to three people I don’t know before I am permitted to have anything to drink or eat (and this rule goes for anyone who goes with me). Last night was the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau event at the ESPNZone followed by the Bulls game. My prime objective at the pre-game reception was to bring

John Michael Dias prepares to sing the National Anthem at the Bulls/Magic game

John Michael Dias prepares to sing the National Anthem at the Bulls/Magic game

John Michael Dias who plays Frankie Valli in JERSEY BOYS around and introduce him to all the attendees who are the movers and shakers of the hospitality and tourism world. Maybe I have been going to too many of these events. By the time John Michael headed out at 6:00 to get ready to sing the anthem at the Bulls game, I was still dying of thirst and so hungry that could eat my name tag. Every time I walked up to group of people with John Michael, I was able to introduce him without looking at name tags. On one level, I was proud to show off in front of one of our stars but I hadn’t had lunch so I was getting dizzy.

But a rule is a rule. So finally before I got on the bus for the Bulls game at 6:30 I found three people I didn’t know. Those little mini-burgers never tasted so good! By the way, John Michael Dias sounded fabulous at the Bulls game.


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new york, new york (and chicago)

Joan Marcus

Who Loves You? (l-r) Drew Gehling, Cory Grant, Bryan McElroy and Michael Ingersoll with the Company of Jersey Boys. Photo: Joan Marcus

I am headed to New York today. I will be in meetings tomorrow for JERSEY BOYS! We look forward to these meetings as the producers so love the Chicago Company and always want to do whatever they can to make JERSEY BOYS the success that it is in Chicago. And then later in the week, we are having meetings at the New York Nederlander offices to plan for future shows. We will be meeting with many of the producers of the upcoming shows and then also looking at what shows are coming up for us in the future. Perhaps out of my meetings this week , I will have some interesting news to report in next week’s blog post.

I will be seeing shows while in New York – two Tony Award winners – IN THE HEIGHTS and THE 39 STEPS. Not to worry I will be back in time for the opening of CHICAGO! Love that show, after all it is our namesake musical.

Okay, here is a treat: Tell us what Chicago suburb is named in one of the songs in CHICAGO, and you could win my two seats to our opening night on Thursday, February 26 @ 7:30 pm. You have to answer (correctly!) by Thursday, February 19. Then we’ll select the winner (yeah, random number generator).

See you in the theatre!

EDIT: To answer the question, just leave it in the comments. Comments are not published right away, so be patient!


SECOND EDIT: WINNER IS EDUARDO MANIERO! Congrats! Someone will be emailing you with info on how to pick up your tickets. Enjoy!


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helloooooo margie!

As press representative for Broadway In Chicago, my days are truly filled with the most exciting and fulfilling work imaginable. Whether it is XANADU, JERSEY BOYS, MARY POPPINS, or any of our other shows that grace our stages, I am able to fully experience Chicago theatre season after wondrous season. My team and I work passionately on the phones booking newspaper and Web stories, escorting our incredibly talented cast members to TV and radio studios, organizing special appearances…and everything in between. One of the most rewarding aspects of working in public relations is the opportunity for community outreach and supporting worthwhile causes here in Chicago.That said, I am thrilled that our company of JERSEY BOYS is teaming up with Diet Coke (and I do believe I am the world’s #1 Diet Coke consumer!) and Jewel-Osco for Heart Health Awareness Month this February. In association with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s “The Heart Truth” campaign, a series of events are happening to promote the prevention of heart disease. With over 80 million of Americans (about 1 in 3 people) suffering from one or more types of cardiovascular disease each year, I am so pleased that our company of JERSEY BOYS can bring much needed recognition to this cause!

Dr. Sandy Goldberg (NBC5), Kim Kirchherr (Jewel-Osco Dietician), Bryan Peck (WILV-FM), Contest Winner Jay and Jersey Boys Cast Members Jared Bradshaw, Alyana Gallo, Ryan Quinn West

Dr. Sandy Goldberg (NBC5), Kim Kirchherr (Jewel-Osco), Bryan Peck (WILV-FM), Contest Winner Jay and Jersey Boys Cast Members Jared Bradshaw, Alyana Gallo, Ryan Quinn West

Through our partnership with Diet Coke, cast members from JERSEY BOYS will be joined by NBC 5 contributor and clinical nutritionist Dr. Sandy Goldberg at area Jewel-Osco stores to share heart-healthy shopping tips, sign autographs and give away fabulous prizes. Stop by and visit us from 3:30 – 5 p.m. at the following dates and locations:

Thursday, February 19: Jewel-Osco at 2940 N. Ashland Ave.
Friday, February 20: Jewel-Osco at 370 N. Des Plaines St.
Thursday, February 26: Jewel-Osco at 1224 S. Wabash St.

JERSEY BOYS will also be hosting a special Heart Health Night performance at the Bank of America Theatre on March 18. The “red carpet” evening will be dedicated to raising awareness for the cause. One lucky winner from the Jewel-Osco events will even have a walk-on role in that evening’s performance!

I really hope that you visit us at one of our upcoming appearances. I know the cast loves to meet their fans.

I’ll leave you with my “40-Year Motto.” It’s the motto I’ve carried with me for the forty years I’ve been in this business. Here it is: I don’t subscribe to the word “No.” If someone walks into my office and says it can’t be done, I tell them to turn around and try again. If that doesn’t work, I pick up the phone.

Best Regards,
Margie Korshak

P.S. For the cast of JERSEY BOYS “story behind the story,” be sure to attend one of their upcoming Stage Side Chats, after Tuesday night performances only from March 3 – April 7.

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razzle-dazzle ’em

I rarely buy tickets for sporting events (I seem to spend even my days off going to theatre) but I am going to the Bulls game on February 24 and discovered that the JERSEY BOYS will be singing the national anthem at the game. I shouldn’t have been surprised – a long-running show like JERSEY BOYS (18 months and counting) requires a lot of work. When I try to describe my friends or family all the marketing and PR that goes into promoting a show, it is mind boggling. Appearances like the anthem at the Bulls Game are just one of the elements that make a hit a hit!

John O'Hurley

John O'Hurley

Talking about appearances, today John O’Hurley flew into Chicago and is doing interviews all over town to publicize CHICAGO THE MUSICAL, which will play February 25 through March 8. He is being a great sport…jumping in and out of cabs in the rain all the while remaining suave and sophisticated. Maybe all his training when he was on Dancing With The Stars is coming into play. Of course, he did play Elaine’s boss on Seinfeld, Mr. Peterman, who traveled to exotic places all over the globe. In real life he is the same kind of trooper.

The rest of the CHICAGO cast is a very exotic place right now – Bangkok! Their blog is fascinating. They fly straight from Bangkok to Chicago. That is definitely an unusual tour schedule.


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manic monday

Monday is the day that everyone at Broadway In Chicago trys to catch up. We never have shows on Monday (well probably shouldn’t say never – as there is always an exception to that rule). We are updating all of our website information and social networking sites with the new shows that are in town.

Taste Concert 2008

Taste Concert 2008

Planning for the next years big events – like the Convention and Tourism lunch where LEGALLY BLONDE and XANADU will be performing, as well as the League of Chicago Theatre Gala and the Broadway In Chicago Taste of Chicago Concert. Yes, I know it is in July, but time is not waiting for anyone.

This past week, XANADU just got rave reviews and JERSEY BOYS has just put on another block of tickets. Over 750,000 people having seen JERSEY BOYS and we certainly hope to break a million with this show. I love seeing JERSEY BOYS. It is like liquid energy the audiences so love it and are up on their feet everynight.

Last week I was in NY for a sneak peek of ADDAMS FAMILY – it was so fabulous! So wonderful that I don’t want to tell you anything about it except to say that it should be on the top of your list for the fall. In fact – if you were smart you would secure your seats now by becoming a Broadway In Chicago subscriber! I will tell you more as the days go on but for now, just know that I laughed, I cried and left thrilled that Chicago is going to get to see it first!


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A note from the director…

My friends and co-workers have been working so hard the last few weeks putting Defying Inequality together. Now, I’m just excited to put it in front of an audience.The most enjoyable part of putting this together is seeing my coworkers and friends in a completely different setting. They’ve come up with a great variety of songs, dances and sketches. With each rehearsal, I realize that the people I work with everyday are so incredibly talented. They were hired for Wicked for a reason – they’re really good! The numbers they’ve come up with are touching and funny and wonderful – more than I could have ever hoped for.

I’m also floored by everyone’s willingness to just jump in. Even with the hectic schedule of the Holidays, closing the show and for many people in the cast, getting ready to move back to New York, it was all-hands-on-deck. And it’s not just our cast! We’ve been overwhelmed with support from local businesses and the Chicago theatre community. The touring company of Grease is only in Chicago for two weeks and they’re performing two great numbers. And I couldn’t be happier that my friends at Jersey Boys and The Second City have signed on. It’s going to be a great night for a great cause.

-Charlie Hagerty, Wicked cast member & Defying Inequality director

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