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BUYER & CELLAR reviews are in…


It’s a HIT! The critics here in Chicago are loving the show, starring Michael Urie of “Ugly Betty”, which opened on May 8th at the Broadway Playhouse.

“”Buyer and Cellar” manages to probe the darker side of our collective celebrity obsession: our seemingly insatiable need to fully know the very people whom you cannot fully know, the way we mercilessly critique their fish-bowl lives from positions of pathetically limited knowledge and yet also turn to jelly when these living icons afford us the time of day.” – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune Read more

Jones gives the show 3 1/2 stars and calls it “a lot of laugh-out-loud fun, replete with an engaging performance from Urie”.

“Urie takes us through 100 minutes of rapidfire, emotionally charged but oddly warped “interaction” between employee and star. And as he recounts his own experiences, he also brilliantly conjures the eccentric, needy, intimidating star herself; her movie-star husband James Brolin; Sharon, the all-business manager of Streisand’s estate; and his own boyfriend, Barry” – Hedy Weiss, The Chicago Sun-Times Read more

Weiss says the show is “too good to pass up” and it comes “highly recommended”.

“Urie makes a tour de force tour guide, rendering his tale in fluid, charmingly conspiratorial tones and stocking this Cellar with equal parts in-jokes and insights.” – Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago Read more

Vire calls the show “blisteringly funny” and rates it 4 stars.

“Throughout the ninty-minute work, Mr. Urie masterfully narrates the story then begins inhabiting the different characters that affect each other in profound ways.   The initial interaction between Alex and his employer is hysterical as she tries to barter for “FiFi” the doll whose backstory he instantly creates.  As both begin to get to know each other, a tacit bond of trust starts to form as they each understand the loneliness and isolation the other is feeling.” – Michael Roberts, Showbiz Chicago Read more

Roberts calls Michael Urie’s performance a “tour-de-force” and rates the show “highly recommended”.

“Without the need for countless props, vast set or scenery, any costume changes or a plethora of projections and video, it is Urie alone on stage who seamlessly morphs in and out of character with ease and distinction for each voice and identity.

He has the gift of not only the acting craft, but also as a masterful storyteller able to punctuate with humor and emotion.” – Phil Potempa, Northwest Indiana Times Read more

Potempa says the play “offer[s] insight not only about happiness and the price tag of reality but also lessons about friendship and the fleeting need for fame and recognition by others.”

Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the show that has the critics writing raves! Buyer & Cellar performances continue at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place through June 15, 2014.

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What’s Up This Week?

We wanted to take you into the inner circle of what we have been working on at Broadway In Chicago.


Checking out their TV commercial and tweaking it to work for Chicago audiences.

What do you think?

TV Spot 1

TV Spot 2


Coming up with fun things to do around the show.

What do you think about a Pirate Cruise? You load at Michigan & Wacker and are treated to a fun Pirate Cruise with your own Pirate garb! The boat would take you to Chicago Ave. and the river, right at the location of the PETER PAN tent, then bring you back after the show. Would you go?

If you are wondering how things are going at the site, make sure to click here to watch the tent go up!


What a great weekend we had! This warmer weather definitely makes us want to get outside. Since we can’t always get outside with our schedules, we put together a great street team for the summer. If you are looking for work and like to be outdoors telling people about theatre, click here. North Michigan Avenue is always a target for us and it’s great to have the Broadway Playhouse there now. Did you know you can buy tickets for all the Broadway In Chicago shows at the kiosk in Water Tower Place – right in the entrance to the mall?


What could be better than planning a VIP event for group leaders, media and city officials? We are getting ready to introduce the show to Chicago, and we get to do it in one of the most prestigious shopping centers in the country, Water Tower Place. The theater is right there and it’s a mecca of shopping on “One of the Great Avenues of the World.” I don’t know if there could be a better location!


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