my kind of people

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Every time we meet with a producer who is bringing a show to one of our theatres we ask –“Is anyone in the cast from Chicago?” Whether it be a two week run of a show on a national tour, a pre-Broadway try out or a long run I want to know. I have assumed that in every city that the producer is grilled about the cast members’ place of origin. Apparently, this is not so! Only in Chicago is show management cross examined this way.

We ask because we really care and love when our own are in Broadway In Chicago shows. Just in case you were wondering…

  • Mandy Patinkin, co-star of AN EVENING WITH PATTI LUPONE AND MANDY PATINKIN, is, of course, from Chicago.
  • On March 18,  BILLY ELLIOT begins and Billy’s mum Susie McMonagle is from Chicago. PLUS Samuel Pergande & Blake Hammond (Billy’s Older Self and Mr. Braithwaite, respectively) are both Chicagoans.
  • The producer of SHREK, Bill Damascke is from Chicago, and his parents still live here.

It is not that we think that people from Chicago are better, we just know that Chicago produces some of the best talent in North America and we want them all to have success. We are knowledgeable, not prejudiced, and cheerleaders for our own.

Who are your favorite Chicago actors/actresses that have been in Broadway In Chicago shows? The first five (accurate) responses will receive press night tickets for AVENUE Q… even though I don’t think any of the puppets were born and raised in Chicago.



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18 responses to “my kind of people

  1. Alex L

    Steve Ewing – Chistery, Wicked
    Matthew J Kilgore. Bottle Dancer, Fiddler on the Roof.
    Chestor Gregory. James Early, Dreamgirls!
    Heidi Kettering. Nessa, Wicked.
    Rodni Reed. Madame Morible, Wicked.
    Gene Weygandt. Wizard, Wicked.

    And Cortney Wolfson is from Indiana. Serena, Legally Blonde

  2. James Smith

    A vet of Second City, Jackie Hoffman was absolutely amazing in The Addams family in the fall. Every single person I know who saw it said she stole the show. Jackie is definitely my vote.

  3. Ken Overmyer

    Rondi Reed— Wicked
    Heidi Kettenring—Wicked
    Roberta Duchak—Spelling Bee
    Derrick Trumbly—Spelling Bee
    Carolyn Defrin— The Sparrow

    Don’t know if they are all from Chicago or the Chicagoland area, but I think they all call this area home now.

  4. Lg

    My favorite BIC Chicago actress is Heidi Kettenring who was Nessarose in Wicked. She is amazing! She never ceases to amaze me!

  5. Brent

    Jackie Hoffmann is one of my favorite Chicago actresses. She’s starred in Hairspray, was hilarious in Xanadu and now brings down the house with her quick one liners in the Addams Family. How fortunate we are to say she’s from our hometown.

    Here’s to Rondi Reed as well! Our first Madame Morrible in Chicago’s Wicked and then a Tony Award Winner for August: Osage County. A true inspiration!

  6. Jacob Palka

    Michael Ingersoll-Jersey Boys
    Chestor Gregory-Dreamgirls
    Rondi Reed-Wicked
    Gene Weygandt-Wicked
    Elizabeth Stanley-Xanadu (She grew up in Quincy, Illinois)
    Roberta Duchak-Spelling Bee

  7. Ally

    Since I’m a big Jersey Boys fan, I’ll name a few favorites of mine who were in the show here. I’m not sure if you’re looking for people who were originally from Chicago or if you want people who live here now, but here are a few from both.

    Cory Grant – Frankie Valli (second full time Frankie)from Winneka, IL
    Bryan McElroy – Tommy DeVito (second full time Tommy)from Elk Grove Village, IL
    Gabby Garza – Spring Awakening, from the south side of Chicago.

    one that I knew lived here until the recent closing of Jersey Boys was Michael Ingersoll who played Nick Massi. His wife Angela and him lived here for awhile.

  8. Jacob Palka

    Roberta Duchak-Spelling Bee
    Michael Ingersoll-Jersey Boys
    Rondi Reed-Wicked
    Gene Weygandt-Wicked
    Elizabeth Stanley-Xanadu(She is from Quincy, Illinois)

    Out of all of them Rondi Reed is the best. She does musicals, she does plays, she is just awesome.

  9. Ashley

    Mike Eriksen from Jersey Boys
    Heidi Kettenring from Wicked
    Chester Gregory from Dreamgirls
    Lauren Marshall from Jersey Boys (she was in a while back, but she was great)
    Rondi Reed was in Wicked

  10. Jo

    Patrick Mulvey (Tony, Billy Elliot Chicago) was born and raised in Joliet where his family still resides.

  11. Alex L

    When will the winners be announced!? I need to know so I can buy my tickets!!

  12. broadwayinchicago

    Alex – It was the first five so the winners are you, James, Ken, Lg & Brent! We’ll be in touch closer to the show with details via email.

  13. Ken

    Just read the last post. Yay! Can’t wait to see the show!

  14. Ken Overmyer

    Are press night tickets for the Tuesday or Wednesday show?
    Ken O

  15. broadwayinchicago

    Tuesday’s performance – May 4. Someone will touch base with you about getting your tickets closer to the show! Enjoy!

  16. Alex L

    OMG! I can’t wait! I’m SO excited!!!

    Thanks Broadway in Chicago!

  17. Ken overmyer

    As Alex says, thank you BIC! Looking forward to the show!

  18. Ken overmyer

    Again, thank you very much BIC! The seats were great, and the show, although a little different than the first time thru Chicago, was very funny!!

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